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Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
It is a natural byproduct of the calculation.
It feels strange for you to not understand this, so maybe your claim is that keeping track of the smallest residual is not a natural byproduct?
I think I was remembering Bob's suggestion. Sorry for the confusion.
It doesn't feel good to spend time and effort working on something then have someone call it bad. The use of very feels unrestrained.
I did not say bad. Again, I am concerned about cost vs benefit. You have brought the cost down. I don't like Retina's idea of the server sending some secret info (more than the AID) to the factoring program.

I'm worried about them in this order

1. Having any verifiable result associated with each TF submission.
1a. Result(s) should be quickly verifiable by the server (e.g. not requiring a 2nd DC)
1b. Result(s) should cover a large percent of work done.
2. Detect when the GPU/Program is not working quickly (e.g. after 10 submissions not 200)
3. Prevent Malicious/Prank submissions (I'd wager I can easily submit 10000 results at the cost of zero compute and have none of the be detected as fake)

Your method provides 1, 1a, and helps with 2, 3
My method provides stronger guarantees on 1b, 2 and 3.
I did say mine was naive. I have no GPU programming experience.
And sorry for the delay responding. It has been a busy few days.
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