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I have been subscribed to Numberphile for several years, I do enjoy their content, especially some of the more esoteric stuff. As for the Collatz Conjecture itself, the answer is very likely yes everything does go to 1 eventually, though obviously the proof of that is well known to be elusive. I have messed around with alternate rules, such as: Divide by 2 or 3 if possible, else multiply. multiplier of 7 looks similar to the standard rule in that everything goes to 1, and 11 probably is infinite for most numbers. I went up to dividing by 2,3,5 and 7 and multiplying by 23, looking for rules that were as borderline between bounded and unbounded as possible. Interesting to me, though perhaps not very productive.

I did end up posting something else in misc maths as recommended by R.D. Silverman, so hopefully someone finds that interesting enough to engage.
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