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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
Absolutely. It is my favorite language.
Mine too. It has an elegance that very few other languages show and yet, with a decent compiler, competitive in efficiency with Fortran or C and much better than some more recent and more popular languages.

I learned it while an undergraduate and used it for my doctorate research. After that it was unavailable on any systems I used until I discovered Algol 68 Genie.

A68g is nice for its "unlimited" arithmetic precision for its LONG LONG types and so it is easy to write CNT applications as long as they're not time critical. In the fullness of time, I may see about the use of GMP as an option for multi-precision arithmetic like Perl's bigint library choices. I submitted a first cut of an RSA demo today, for instance.

If you're interested, and anyone else here too of course, we could start writing freeware in Algol 68.
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