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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
I'm trying to bring it back into more widespread use. It's a beautiful language that deserves much more than a display case in a museum.
Absolutely. It is my favorite language. I was working on a very large (2 million LOC) application known as EPS: Econometric
Programming System. (for a company that was known then as Data Resources)

It was to economics and econometrics what Maple is to symbolic math.

It had a comprehensive internal modeling language, along with LP solvers/optimizers, time series analysis, a large array of economic
functions, Fourier tools, Gauss-Seidel for solving large non-linear systems,
access to what was then the worlds largest on-line economic data base, etc.

It was a single source file! (Algol assigns sequence numbers to its LOC). Every so often the source would be printed........
onto blue microfiche. It was read with a microfiche reader......
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