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Hi CRGreathouse

Thanx for the encouragement.

I hope I can do justice to your positivity. I shall try to formulate my attempted "proof" carefully and mathematically as sound as possible. I will be delighted if the "proof" has any merit if somebody with more math knowledge and skills could take it the next level, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I will be posting on this thread as I would not want to compromise the integrity and reputation of the forum by possibly posting a worthless, clueless attempted proof. If the proof should have any merit after analysis by the normal commentators, it would garner a life of its own I am sure.

As for the primality test (for mersenne primes) it is formulaic in nature, so it is like proving the lemma for the lower mersennes, and then extending it to the rest of the set of mersenne numbers. My problem being that the "primality" check could well be too unwieldy at very high numbers. I do not have a good understanding of algorithm complexity and computation time concepts.

I shall try my very best to validate whatever I post with due respect to the readers.
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