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I currently have

PC name: G7
2x 7990s (dual gpu card)

PC name: G3
2x 7990s (dual gpu card)

PC name: G6
1x GTX 580

PC name: MC
1x GTX 580

PC name: G4
1x Titan Black
1x GT750 TI

Total: 12 GPUs.

Across 5x PCs.

I have 2x 7990s in one machine (total=4GPUs) but heat is a real problem. I can't imagine 3x 7990s in the one machine without some creative clocking/exotic cooling/psu. Even if the OS can handle that much.

As it is G7 is cooled by a 50cm fan, and still the GPUs are running 80degC+

Aside from theoretical knowledge, there are a few hardware obstacles before you get to 5+ GPUs..

-- Craig
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