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Default 5+ GPU support

Hi, folks.

I've been reading about hardware lately and the things people are saying seem to be conflicting, so I've come here to see if anyone can help clear up my confusion.

Whenever someone asks about support for more than four GPU's, 95% people say it isn't possible right away because they assume that everybody running multiple GPU's is running SLI or CrossFireX.

Some of the BitCoin miners or people running Folding@Home were seen using three GTX 295's which makes six GPU's total, so once the gamers stopped trying to hijack the compute discussions, the consensus was that it was at least possible for NVidia cards, but a lot of people were maintaining that Windows cannot support more than four AMD GPU's.

I have also read that Windows cannot run more than 8 GPU's period, and in a situation where someone is running 4 dual-card GPU's, for example, the onboard graphics, if any, must be disabled (because that would make nine).

Can anyone substantiate any of these claims?

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