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Hi all,

I've now posted client packages for PRPnet 3.2.0 in the first post of this thread. Note that they are not compatible with 2.4 servers, which includes all of our public servers right now since we're still beta-testing 3.x. This is despite the fact that I included preconfigured server= lines for those servers in the 3.2.0 client packages' prpclient.ini's; I did that so that they'd be all ready to go when we do upgrade our public servers to 3.2 later on. In the meantime, stick with a 2.4 client on those servers; I've added links to download 2.4.6 clients in the first post. (I know 2.4.7 is a little newer, but as I recall I had trouble building Linux binaries for that and ended up "skipping" that version since the changes since 2.4.6 in the client don't really affect NPLB or CRUS. If you want a 2.4.7 client, you can find client packages for it over at the Prime Sierpinski Project forum.)

One other significant change with this release is that I've included the new LLR 3.8.0 in the PRPnet 3.2.0 client packages. (They're not in the 2.4.6 client packages; just swap them out with the latest binaries if you'd like.) LLR 3.8.0, like the latest PFGW and Prime95, uses gwnum 25.13, which gives it a huge speed improvement over earlier versions on non-base-2 numbers, and a smaller but nontheless nonnegligible improvement for base 2. (I don't recall the exact figures off the top of my head.) LLR 3.8.0's input and output follow the same conventions as 3.7.1c, so it's completely cross-compatible as far as PRPnet is concerned.

I've also upgraded the G7465 beta-test server to 3.2.0. Per Gary's request, we'd like to do the first phase of testing it "in-house", with just Gary's clients hammering it, to avoid spreading around any problems if they show up. I'll let you guys know when we're done with that and are ready to open it up to the public.

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