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Windows and Linux client binaries have been posted for version 3.1.5. The main difference between this and 3.1.4 is that now the client ouputs a separate log file listing just its results, along with the time it took to test each one.

Since there were no changes made to prpclient.ini in this version, those upgrading existing clients can just swap out the prpclient binary and leave the rest intact.

Note: despite the fact that this client version is not compatible with our older 2.4.6 servers, I've left those servers configured in prpclient.ini since we'll probably be upgrading those sometime soon (assuming that 3.1.5 checks out in further testing). Until then, the only server these will work with is the G7465 beta test server, which is on 3.1.5. I'd recommend commenting out the other lines for now so that the client doesn't try to fall back on them in case it can't reach port 7465, since that will cause it to waste its time crunching tests that it can't send back to the older server.
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