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Originally Posted by jvang View Post
  • Figure out how to withdraw funds from our/my 529 account (from what I can tell it's a college savings account for your kids), since I won't be needing most of the money that is in there
Consult an expert. You may want to hang on to that money in the account. If you decide to get a more advanced degree, you should be able to draw on the money. (Don't know if your scholarship covers >4 years.) Also, look at all expenses you might have that are not covered by the scholarship, but might be considered to be related to the schooling (transport to and from, food, study materials other than books, fees for online database access, etc.). These little sneaky ones can slowly add up. You might be able to use the 529 to pay for them.

I have some family members that I wish would start some 529's, so I could give them money to put in.
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