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Originally Posted by Svenie25 View Post
Should I then go on manually with llr or switch to prp with the new betaserver?
It's really whatever you want to do, but be aware that PRPnet is still sort of beta and could have problems (e.g. right now on Windows you can't unreserve reservations). Personally, I like doing manual because it's not so boring, plus the number of points of possible failure (which result in idle cores) is greatly reduced with manual. Plus the randomness of whether you'll get a prime or not is quite a bit more orderly, if you get what I mean. Instead of the moment-to-moment randomness of if you'll be handed the prime, you pick the range and if it's there you'll get it. If you have a lot of cores, manual is a much bigger chore, and LLRnet or PRPnet becomes much more attractive. IIRC you've only got 2, like me, so that shouldn't be too hard. But hey it's all up to you, just putting out my opinion.
One of my old arguments against LLRnet doesn't apply to PRPnet, namely that LLRnet uses an old version of LLR that's several % slower than the new version. This is one of the main things that sparked the development of PRPnet and the thing that sparked NPLB's adoption of it.
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