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Originally Posted by aokle View Post
Hello EdH, "msieve -i comp94.n -s comp94.3 -nf comp94-3.fb -t 8 -np "poly_deadline=300 6001,9000"". The max_coeff can set any integer?
"-t 8"=(NUM_CORES = 4)*(THREADS_PER_CORE = 2) ? when I calculate RSA 512bit,
poly_deadline=300 is acceptable´╝č

Thank You.
Hi aokle,

RSA-512 would mean a bit larger number than my example, so you would need to adjust your parameters accordingly. poly_deadline would most assuredly not achieve a good enough polynomial pair in 5 minutes for your number. I'm not sure I understand the other question, but you should adjust all the parameters based on how many machines will be used and what range you would like to use for your polynomial pair search.

Having said all the above, I've moved to using CADO-NFS across several machines and let it do "almost" all the parameter choice. All but the Linear Algebra phase will be run pretty much automatically across all machines. LA will be run on the server machine only. I have the setup for CADO-NFS in a similar thread to this one.

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