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Default Is based 10 used for calculations?

Hi guys, I had a quick look at the wiki but could not find anything on the following.

I am just reading a book on "mathematical cranks" by Underwood Dudley.

He writes about a guy who found out that using a duodecimal system (base 12), all mersenne primes greater than 7 end in either "27" or "x7". (He is using symbols resembling to x and e for expanding from decimal to duodecimal, so 'x' stands for 10 and 'e' for 11 in his duodecimal system).

So I got the idea that if this were really so, I would expect the mersenne prime search to work with base 12, filter all these numbers out and only test these..? Or are there other methods for spotting using base 10?

Hope the question is not too st00pid :) It just seemed to me that this passage in the book is implying that there is no such pattern using base 10 and I don't have the time to read up on the matter.
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