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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I have a dual-core Athlon, and setup the second process using the -A1 switch. Everything appears to be working (each process seems to be using it's own core). However, I think they're both computing the same thing:

Output from both processes:

Mersenne number primality test program version 24.14
Starting P-1 factoring with B1=385000, B2=3176250
Chance of finding a factor is an estimated 4.89%
P-1 on M35850137 with B1=385000, Be=3176250
Using FFT length 2048K

Are they calculating the same thing and wasting time? Is this normal/expected output?
I don't have experience running two instances, but I think that as long as the numbers after the M, which is your Mersenne exponent, are different for the different cores, they're not duplicating work.
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