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Maybe not much related, during '92-'96 we wrote a firmware for a poker slot machine, which was "tuned" to make money. The machine was playing "probabilistic", when it was ok with the money, or even random, but it was starting to cheat and cheating more and more heavily when it was getting "closer to the boundary". The house always grabbed a 10% or 20% of the money the machine was turning in and out, or whatever was "allowed" (by the law, or whatever, we are the programmer, not the lawyer, neither the sociologist, nor the mother of wounded/stupid people ). Interesting enough, some of those machines are still in use, in spite of many problems they have from the mechanical point of view (generally, half-drunk guys who lose money are not kind with the machine, you guess!). Which prove that the owners still make enough money from them to go through the effort of keeping them going. People occasionally win some money, and this keeps the "geniuses" coming to play. Which in turn, proves that the mother of stupids is always pregnant.

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