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Default Karatsuba algorithm relation to Matrix Multiplication (Strassen Algorithm)?


This question is not Mersenne prime related, nor prime related at all.

There is a series of optimized algorithms for Matrix Multiplication ala Strassen's Algorithm for performing 2x2 x 2x2 Matrix multiplication in only 7 scalar multiplications rather than the standard 8. And there is Karatsuba's algorithm for performing large integer multiplication which reduces the number of single digit multiplications from n^2 to n^1.58.

I vaguely recall I saw a reference to a Mathematics paper that, if I recall correctly, stated for every Strassen-like accelerated matrix multiplication algorithm there was a corresponding accelerated integer multiplication algorithm like Karatsuba. Is anyone framiliar with this paper? Can you provide a citation or link? I have tried searching, but must not be using the correct terms as I can't locate it. Or perhaps I've imagined the entire thing!


For reference:

Strassen's Algorithm

Karatsuba's Algorithm
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