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Default Not showing up on the Top Scores


Before the migration from V4 to V5, I was around #820 on the Top Scores list (bmoshier). Now, I can't find my account listed. I signed up for a V5 account and linked it to my V4 account. I have one machine running V5 work (Windows XP Pro x64) and the other systems are still on V4.

I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong, because my V5 account is NOT on the Top Scores list (which I expected it to be as I was on the Top Scores list for V4).

Your account is linked to 1 v4 user ID
V4 User ID LL GHz-days TF GHz-days LL P90-years TF P90-years Name
bmoshier 2748.0516 8.1251 541.4880 1.6010 Bertram Moshier

Thanks in advance for your help!

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