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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
The assignment extension page was written for manual reservations. Users doing manual tests have no other way to tell Primenet that they are still working on the assignment.

Automatic assignments use different rules (see
Every time prime95 sends in a progress report, usually daily, the expiration date is set to 60 days in the future. This means that in most cases, as long as you do not take a two month hiatus, the exponent will not expire.

Thank you Prime95!

OK, so the way I understand what you just said is that as long as the exponent is making daily progress it will complete regardless of what the expiration date says?

The other thing is that I noticed the calculated "days to go" is some kind of floating number based on average activity. In my case exponent M90723221 started 5 days ago at something around 560 days. It's been interrupted for a total of almost a day at a couple points since then because I was testing the Linux image on the ICS I'm using. Already it's at 4.10% with 483 days to go. So I imagine this thing will be done in less than 120 days total, regardless of what the DTG now says.

I was the crazy guy who was attempting to run the 332xxxxxx exponent that might have taken a speed of light trip's worth of time to Alpha Centauri and back to finish so I won't be doing those on these Intel Compute Sticks anymore.

Lower exponents (under 100xxxxxx) are a heck of a lot more reasonable. I expect to have an army of about 25 of those ICSs up and running on lower exponents after I see more progress on this. This has become a serious hobby.

(At only $30 a pop, not a terribly expensive one though! Just make sure you wipe the bloated Ubuntu and put the slimmer Peppermint OS on it and do a couple tweaks. Works great!)


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