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They are already sieving up to 9M. For 4 < k < 10000 for 6M < n < 9M the status is something like this:

6780T-6785T Robert7NBI COMPLETE

6840T-6845T Robert7NBI COMPLETE
6845T-6850T Robert7NBI COMPLETE
6850T-6855T Robert7NBI COMPLETE
6855T-6860T Robert7NBI COMPLETE
6860T-6865T Robert7NBI COMPLETE
6865T-6869T Robert7NBI COMPLETE
6869T-6874T Robert7NBI COMPLETE

6907T-6951T Robert7NBI COMPLETE
6951T-7000T Robert7NBI

7053T-7058T oldjerry COMPLETE

7068T-7078T ardo COMPLETE
7078T-7088T ardo COMPLETE
7088T-7098T ardo COMPLETE
7098T-7109T ardo COMPLETE
7109T-7110T 1998golfer COMPLETE
7110T-7115T Mr. Cool* COMPLETE
7115T-7120T 3Rni COMPLETE
7120T-7125T 3Rni COMPLETE
7125T-7130T 3Rni COMPLETE
7130T-7135T 3Rni COMPLETE
7135T-7145T pschoefer COMPLETE
7145T-7150T oldjerry COMPLETE
7150T-7156T Aleksander COMPLETE
7156T-7166T ardo COMPLETE
7166T-7168T 288larsson COMPLETE
7168T-7178T ardo COMPLETE
7178T-7188T ardo COMPLETE
7188T-7192T oldjerry COMPLETE
7192T-7202T ardo COMPLETE
7202T-7211T ardo COMPLETE
7211T-7220T Mr. Cool* COMPLETE
7220T-7225T 3Rni COMPLETE
7225T-7230T Aleksander COMPLETE
7230T-7235T oldjerry COMPLETE
7235T-7240T oldjerry COMPLETE
7240T-7250T pschoefer
7250T-7260T Mr. Cool*
7260T-7270T ardo
7270T-7280T ardo
7280T-7289T ardo
7289T-7299T ardo
7299T-7310T Pollux
7310T-7311T 1998golfer
7311T-7321T ardo
7321T-7325T Aleksander
7325T-7230T oldjerry
7330T-7335T oldjerry
7335T-7399T Robert7NBI
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