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Originally Posted by adpowers
Ah ha, but how many of you can hear little squeaks coming from your computer when Prime95 runs? My old PIII 450 used to squeak when running Prime95 on Windows 98. It doesn't do it with Mandrake for some reason. It was the weirdest thing, and it was definately related to Prime95. I never figured out what it was and I was the only one able to hear it.
No idea. Perhaps some harmonics generated by the onboard switched power supply? AFAIK Windows 98 uses larger time slices in the kernel scheduler compared to linux. Maybe that in combination with prime95 produces some oscillations with the onboard voltage controllers? Just guessing.

... reminds me of the good old times when i first played the BASIC-game "space invaders" on a CBM PET2001. That box had no sound output at all and debugging was no easy task. AFAIR it had a 6502 with 1MHZ.

You could use a normal AM-radio and put it right next to the computer. If you tuned the AM-radio to the right frequency, you could _hear_ what the computer was doing. Every combination of BASIC commands produced unique sounds. With some training you could actually hear what kind of basic commands where running at any given time.

Every program had it's own soundprint. Funny times. Long gone.
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