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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
I have not used ECPP nor coded it. I can help with APR-CL if desired.
WHy not ? Good idea. I'd like to spend CPU power to prove the primality of a number of about 12700 digits. Based on the few papers I quickly read about FastECPP, it would take about one year ... I've sent emails to some authors of FastECPP, waiting for answers.
Based on the complexity of APR-CL, it seems it would take about 3.10^10 operations. But I miss details.
So, is there a free version of APR-CL (or APRT-CL) I could download, compile and use ? I googled and found nuts. Reading some pages, it seems some versions can handle a limited number of digits. A parallelized version would be nice ...
So, I would really appreciate your help,
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