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Originally Posted by NickGlover
My point was not about sponsorship, but about where the data was gathered. Citing primarily studies that collect data from religious universities seems limited and potentially biased.
I'm not quite sure I see how you can make that point, unless you are contending that home schoolers who tend to have leadership ability also tend to go to religious universities. Or maybe you are saying that religious people make better leaders? I'm just exploring your statement to posible logical conclusions.

However, if you are saying that a religious university would intentionly only provide data that sheds home schooling in a good light, you could apply the same logic to state schools, but in reverse. Following this logic, a state school would provide only data that sheds home schooling in a bad light, because I think it is easy to demonstrate that the governement is in general against home schooling. All because they allow it doesn't mean they don't dislike it.

But I think that when a person makes a study, they go out and look for specific information, rather than just taking whatever the source feels like giving them.
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