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Originally Posted by kwstone
I don't see any particular merit in home schools as such; they are simply another form of private education . . . For many (most?) people, I would think it is beyond their capability to give their children a high quality education in today's technically specialized world.
I tend to agree that it is beyond many parents capabilities, but that is due (in part?) to the educational decline over the last few decades.

I would have loved to had a chance to home school my kids -- at least then I would be sure they knew how to do basic math, have an appreciation for the arts, know their history, etc., and have a foundation to do work and become specialized in "today's technically specialized world." But that's me. Public school didn't teach me squat, 80% of what I know and do today is via self education. I am really down on the public school system (as opposed to the teachers who work their fanny's off).

I have a more that I can speak to on the scocial aspect, but I'll let it rest here.
-=- john
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