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Originally Posted by kwstone
I'm not sure whether the slipping between "socialization" and "socialism" in what you write is a simple mistake, a Freudian slip, or a deliberate attempt to make a political point. There does seem to me to be a lot that is done in schools (at least in my native country, the UK) that is trying to grind a socialist political agenda into kids, under the name of "socializing" them.
I think that must have seen a grammatical mistake I made, although it does give it a bit of interesting ambiguity.

Also, you bring up another interesting point which might be good to start another thread. The way you describe school in The Netherlands sounds like it's along the same lines as the school voucher movement here in the States.

Originally Posted by kwstone
Lest this sound too critical, let me say that I admire and support anyone who homeschools. I believe they strike an important blow for freedom from State control of our children. But I would not single out home schools as the only, or maybe even the best, alternative.
Maybe I came off too strong, but I'm not advocating home schooling as the single best soultion for everybody. But a lot of people have mis-informed impressions about home schooling, and a lot of people think it should be strongly regulated. I present my argument to show that home schooling is an alternative that works, and studies have shown it to work well.
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