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Originally Posted by eepiccolo
This "socialism" my wife received during high school did not help her maintain proper relationships with our fellow students at college at all.
The socialism I received during my younger years, however, did nothing to hurt me during college.
I'm not sure whether the slipping between "socialization" and "socialism" in what you write is a simple mistake, a Freudian slip, or a deliberate attempt to make a political point. There does seem to me to be a lot that is done in schools (at least in my native country, the UK) that is trying to grind a socialist political agenda into kids, under the name of "socializing" them.

My personal solution to my family's education problems was to move to the Netherlands, where you can choose what kind of school to send your kids to (Catholic, Protestant, Montessori, Socialist, Islamic, whatever) and they are all guaranteed government funding under the Dutch constitution. This seemed like a practical solution (for me). The Dutch certainly seem pretty happy with it. The problem in the UK and US, as I see it, is rather the antithesis between state-funded, state-controlled schools on the one hand, and the expense of private schools on the other. The Dutch have resolved that by constitutionally cutting the link between state funding and state control.

I don't see any particular merit in home schools as such; they are simply another form of private education. Since, for some people, they are a relatively low-cost private schooling option they have gained popularity. But I would hesitate to recommend them for everyone. For many (most?) people, I would think it is beyond their capability to give their children a high quality education in today's technically specialized world.

The successes that you cite for home-schooled children don't surprise me in the least. Children of home-schoolers are almost by definition, a very select sample of the genetic offspring of highly-motivated, above-average intelligence people with a strong interest in education issues. It would be surprising if they did NOT outperform other kids in almost every respect.

Lest this sound too critical, let me say that I admire and support anyone who homeschools. I believe they strike an important blow for freedom from State control of our children. But I would not single out home schools as the only, or maybe even the best, alternative.
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