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I agree with eepiccolo, but I wanted to add an argument in favor of home schooling with regards to socialization.

To me the reason home schoolers will have better social skills are that convential school students learn their social skills primarily from other children, who also have undeveloped social skills. The goal when teaching someone social skills is that they work towards acquiring adult-level social skills, not child-level social skills. So the best means for developing a child's social skills is that they interact with adults and preferrably do so close to the level of an equal (which definitely does not occur much in conventional schools). I believe this does occur with children in most home schooling situations.

Of course, the are at least three other issues related to home schooling that we could also discuss.

1) The benefits and drawbacks of "unschooling", which is basically home schooling but with emphasis on a lack of enforced structure.

2) The benefits and drawbacks of Montessori schooling, which I actually don't know much about, but I here a lot of people talk about it.

3) To what extent schools should be privatized and government removed from involvment in the actual schooling and paying for schooling.

By the way, I went to public school, so I have first-hand experience with public schools, but not with any other type of schooling.
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