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OK, looks like this is going to be the first discussion.

I am a big advocate of home schooling. I was home schooled from K-12, and I graduated from college with my EE degree and a 3.88 GPA.

The only issue I ever hear anti-home schooling people talk about is the socialization issue, so I'm going to address that now. However, if someone has a different issue about home schooling they want to debate, I'll be glad to debate that also.

First, I'll give my personal example. My wife and I met when we were both still in high school. We met because we were both working at the same McDonald's part time. Anyway, she will testify that she hated high school primarily due to group school socialization. She was considered a geek, and she was constantly picked on and tormented by the conformist students. This happens to many kids in group school because they are considered fat, geeky, ugly, weird, or any other trait that doesn't conform to the "social norm" of group school. This "socialism" my wife received during high school did not help her maintain proper relationships with our fellow students at college at all. She wanted as little to do with others at college as possible, and it wasn't until our senior year that I was able to get her to hang out more with some of my friends.

The socialism I received during my younger years, however, did nothing to hurt me during college. I was as social as the other Physics and Engineering geeks, and I was a member of KME, the math honors society, and SPS, the physics honor society. I was actually vice-president of KME my senior year.

I’ll mention here also that my wife strongly agrees with me that once our daughter is school aged, we will home school her.

My point behind all of this is that not only does home schooling not hurt a child socially, but is actually better for a child than group school. Sure, all you think this is just a crock that I am giving you, but the studies exist that support this claim. Here is a link to a nice summary of ten different studies:

You can go and read it yourself, but I'll list the headings to the seven points of the summary.

[list]Home schooled students have a higher self-esteem than conventional students.

Home schooled students are less concerned about peers when compared with private school students.

Home schooled students are not isolated from social activities with others.

Home school students have demonstrated leadership ability.

Home schooled students are better socialized and more mature than their public school counterparts.

Home schooled students do not lag behind conventional students in social development.

Home schooled students grow into adults who meet or exceed social norms.
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