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I'm late to the party, but I'd like to add my benchmark results if it would help. I didn't notice anybody with more than one socket submit a benchmark, so maybe my 2x 2683v3 benchmarks will be of some use.

Download link

I did more benchmarking than what was requested. If you do not feel like parsing through all of this data, I can do it for you. The file that (almost) meets the original request is titled "results-2x2683v3-allworkercombos.txt", except instead of testing only one worker and max workers, I tested all combinations of workers.

I also tested one worker with all core combinations (results-2x2683v3-oneworker-allcorecombos.txt), as well as all worker combinations with all core combinations for the 4000k FFT (results-2x2683v3-allcore+workercombos-4000k.txt) and the 32768k FFT (results-2x2683v3-allcore+workercombos-32768k.txt).
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