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Default Overcomplicated hard solution

Would it be hard for p95 to "modular" or package based. (I know nothing about kernels, how they work, but mfakto kind of "switches" kernel of different types of works. And recompiles(?) the kernel?) So the FFT implementations would sit in separated file(s). I don't know about the differences in cpu, these file not to bloat up the base folder.So imagine prime95 with no capable FFT implementation in the "base" version. You would have to place different fft implementation files in the folder.
The prime95 would work as a "slotted" program, which can use these "bases".
For the common downloadable version it would "bundle" the mainstream, latest, most common cpu fft implementations. (e.g. from the Core2 or the Nehalem up to now, excluding the Ryzen.) - so you would have a precore2.fft and postcore2.fft.
Splitting up the cpu selections, not too much - spamming full the folder.
I don't think the prime95 as a downloader would be good, but e.g. placing different .fft files into the folder would be enough.

Excuse for my technical ignorance, but i thought of something:
Final: Would it be easy to implement a system, where prime95 is "only" loading these different libraries (separated FFT implementasion per generations/cpu families in files).

You could have a current version "bundled"(zipped, already "intalled"-placed in the folder) with like the most used cpu library e.g. aftercore2.fft .
You could download the less popular cpu ffts from the website: e.g. precore2.fft prenehalem.fft aftercore2.fft ryzen.fft...) - i know nothing about the similarities, the goal would be to split it up into managable number of files. So the user could download it without the client to decide what to include.
It would be confusng to split it up too much.
Of course you could download the full version with every existing fft files already "intalled".
Prime95 would recognize the "libraries"-(these files) in the folder. Or complian about the ideal library for the current is not avialable - download the extension.
Other issues with this model: version and update difficulties. (e.g.: keeping track of these different files, and prime95 version, upgrade. A version checker (these "libraries" and itself) would be a bloat. An ftp inside prime95 would make it more confusing.
Off: i wrote this before Madpoo's post, it's a better and easier solution.
Would it be important to compress all of the versions in Windows compatible compression format? (So the built in really primitive zip program can handle it?) The majority of contribution is coming from Win AFAIK.)

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