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Default dodeca program version 1.0

I've finished a new program. It is searching for dodecaproths, and it is faster than octoproths!!!
It is sieving all 12 numbers.
The speed up is very very different for different ranges and n values.
Here I sieve only up to 32000 ( so I can use unsigned short variables ) and magic_constant=32000 The size of used memory is about 130 KB. The number of Prp tests is also much much smaller. You can find the results also in results_dodeca.txt file.
Exe for windows:
Or see the attachment for the code.
It isn't very easy to test because we know only a very few of dodecaproths, but for n=44 and n=47 it is correct. It would be good to test this program.

Greenbank: I would like to see a new thread: Number of dodecaproths per n
Using your tables it isn't hard to create this table.
It is easier to find this number than octoproth's number, so maybe we can go further n=55, perhaps n=56, but before this check my program.
I've disabled to use n>99, because in this case the expected smallest dodecaproth's k value is very large ( larger than 10^20>2^60=kmax limit ).
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