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I had to ask on another forum, given that GPUs have massive throughput already, why do we need to run these on CPU? The response I got was along the lines of some data sets are simply too large to be effectively processed by GPU. This is not a particular interest area of mine, so I don't know how much this factors in, but take the recent Intel Cooper Lake Xeon launch for example. They are very specifically targeted at those who want performance in specific areas. It was questioned why Intel even bothered announcing it to the public, since it was never going to be a mass market solution, and the customers buying it don't need to be told about it at this stage.

Anyway, every time I see AI-optimised instructions, what springs to mind are insanely high OPs at really low data sizes. I'll let the mathematicians and programmers give the long answer, but I suspect it'll just be too inefficient to do what we need in prime number finding.
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