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Default Of bosses and other mice

Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
This process takes less than 5 minutes for a guy for who "soldering" is part of the daily job.

My former boss always got extremely angry when he saw me repairing mouses (at the time no optics, the rolling ball, always getting dirty, needing periodically open/clean). The mouses (mice?) were cheap and he always said that if I spend more than 15 minutes to repair a mouse I make a loss for the company, because my salary for 15 minutes was more than the mouse price. Just buy a new one (for that, a Chinese guy, a (car) driver would go to the store, and he was paid miserably).
Some OSes can software transpose the mouse buttons, in a lot less than 5 minutes, though that requires the user relearn mousing or switch hands. (I'm mouse ambidextrous as a result of carpal tunnel from long days of CAD decades ago.) And you could have asked the former boss what he'd rather prefer, you saving the company money in 5 minutes, during short periods of no other work, and saving them the recycling cost, or you taking them home to fix and use yourself and perhaps resell on ebay the excess, or hiring your replacement. Looks like you did the right thing and replaced the boss. ("Former boss")
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