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I have experienced forced restarts while running ECM's on 29.4. I tried 29.3. Same thing. I tried a lot of different things, like resetting my BIOS to its default values. Nothing helped. So, last night, I deleted prime.txt and local.txt. I let 29.4 recreate them. The system ran overnight without incident.

It is true that I added a few things i saw in undoc.txt. The only thing major I added was an Affinity setting to pick specific CPU threads in local.txt. It was as below:

[Worker #1]
I had kept the two configuration files for a long time and simply replaced the program file(s) as they came along. There must have been some kind of hold-over from a version previous to 29.1. As to exactly what that was, I have no idea. I am not sure this was even the cause. So, I will leave the two files as is and see what happens.
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