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Default Sieving drive Riesel base 6 n=150K-1M

This is a sieving drive for the 8 k's remaining on Riesel base 6 for n=150K-1M. Karsten kindly provided his file that is sieved to P=0.8T as a starting point.

Sieving up to P=43T is needed for the n=500K-1M range for the 5 remaining k's.

Like before, sr2sieve is what we will use. It is recommended that you run 64-bit sr2sieve on a 64-bit machine. Let us know if you need the executable or more detailed instructions on using it. Here is an example of the command to execute at the command prompt:

sr2sieve -p 35e12 -P 40e12 -i sieve-riesel-base6-500K-1M.txt

The above would be if you were sieving P=35T-40T. The file is listed after the "-i" command and is the actual file name that is posted in a link below. Feel free to name it something shorter if you want or use the "srwork" older convention where you don't have to specify a file name.

When complete, you should have a factors.txt file. Just post the file here in this thread or if it is too big, please Email the file to me at:
gbarnes017 at gmail dot com

A P=1T range should take ~2 CPU days on a modern 64-bit machine. Please reserve ranges in multiples of P=1T and plan to reserve no more than ~7-10 days of work at a time. When making reservations, please post your estimated completion date. This can be seen in sr2sieve about one minute after you start your sieve.

Here is a link to the latest sieve file: All factors up to P=43T have been removed. We will remove additional factors as the drive progresses to slightly speed up sieving.

 P-range      reserved by      status     est. completion date
   0T-0.8T    kar_bon         complete
 0.8T-32T     Lennart         complete
  32T-35T     gd_barnes       complete
  35T-39T     Flatlander      complete
  39T-43T     Batalov         complete
The sieving drive is complete!

This is a very exciting base that can easily be proven within the next few years. All help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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