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After finishing an assignment today Thursday 2003/08/14 at 7:07 PM EST (23:07 GMT) submitting the result failed.
Yes, the server was unreachable. There is something very sick in my connection. It keeps locking up. They intend to change the connection tomorrow.

If I exit the program by killing the task, will it loose the work done ?
That all depends on how long it is before you actually submit the results.

If it is in a sleep loop waiting, nothing will be lost if you kill the task. When the client is restarted, it will see the results.txt file and submit it again before requesting new work. The data will get discarded at the server if the task has already been reassigned because it appears lost. This won't happen for a day or two, but if you wait a week, the chances are extremely high that someone else will have already been given the reassignment and processed it.

Is there something that can be done while it is retrying
( copy some files to a backup directory etc )
You can do just about anything you wish :) However, there is nothing useful to do with the NFSNET data.

Already have the stop.txt in the /processors/p0 directory.
Be sure to remove it before you attempt to restart. Otherwise the client will come up and stop immediately.
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