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Originally posted by shu_the_genius
Is there a way I can transfer my existing work from machine2 to Machine 1?
Mostly you need to:

1) Copy all the lines of the worktodo.ini file on machine 2 to the worktodo.ini file of machine 1.

2) Copy any files named pXNNNNNN and qXNNNNNN (where X is a number or a capital letter, and the Ns are numbers) from machine 2 to machine 1. These files are in the same directory as worktodo.ini, and store your partially completed work for a particular exponent.

After you do this, machine 1 will keep working on what it's currently working on, doing the exponents in worktodo.ini one line at a time. When it reaches the exponent that you were doing on machine 2, it will read the pXNNNNNN file and start where the other machine left off, instead of restarting from zero.

On Windows, the directory where worktodo.ini is stored will usually be something like C:\Program Files\Prime95\

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