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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
I thought that it was agreed that we wouldn't have if-then moves last game. BUT...that said...I am whole-heartedly in favor of conditional moves where there is a decently forced sequence of moves. But I do not feel this is one of those moments. Therefore I have voted against it in this case because 9...b5 is not really forced by us. WMHalsdorf started a discussion about this with move 8.

I strongly recommend against immediately playing 9...b5 with this move 8 without further analysis by some of our engines. I think that it will probably be our best move but it deserves further analysis.

Let's save a good if-then sequence for a truly forced set of moves.
Valid point. If anyone who already voted wants to change their vote, I'll count the changed vote if you post here before the poll closes.
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