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Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
Please don't encourage submission of faked results. You really should know better than that.
Nope, sorry, that wasn't my intention. I only suggested it like a "fast test". Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I didn't do anything yet, in this direction (quite busy at job, then I forgot). In case I will do this test, I will still finish the bitlevel, just to be sure I don't let the garbage in the DB. Probably later. FWIW, reporting a known factor (i.e. removing the asterisk from a line already sent and sending it again without it) doesn't work (error: factor not needed). So it needs a "new" factor for a trial.

@kriesel: All you said was clear already. We KNOW than the credit is smaller when you find a factor, IF you stop after the factor is found. And this is normal, as you do less work. The question was what's the credit if you DON'T stop (and finish all the bitlevel). You should still get all the credit, factor or no factor, but this I didn't know if true. On the other hand (and this everybody knows for ages!), the difference between two lines that report respectively "i found one factor and I stopped after that class" and "I found one factor but I still continued the rest of the classes till the bitlevel ended", is just one asterisk (which you can edit with a text editor, if you want to test, or if you want to cheat the system and get more credit). That's what I (and James) am (are) talking about. Moreover, you just post some rubbish from some doc files, with no connection to the subject. Not P95 neither mfakt[c/o] gives you the credit, but the server... This has nothing to do with whatever you set in your ini files.

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