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Default And it gets better

In the post session interview after the PLO game above, the cheater goes into the booth and sits down and asks "What happened in that game where only two cards were read?" There is no way he could have known the system wasn't working for that game, unless he was watching the system.

In another interview he is being asked about one of this completely bizarre plays that no one can understand, but which is obvious if you know what the opponents cards are. So he is waffling on about vague nonsense and at one point says "Well I wasn't sure what their other cards were ... " Any normal player wouldn't be sure what their other cards were, and there is no need to even say that, it should simply be understood. The only reason to say that is if you are trying to cover up your knowledge and feel it is important to state that you didn't know it.

He only ever plays the streamed games. He is there thirty minutes before the start on his own at the table doing nothing waiting for the game to start. He won't play at the other tables. And after the streaming session has ended he packs up his chips and leaves while everyone else continues to play on.

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