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I was pretty active on the twoplustwo forums back before Black Friday. I haven't played online since, and only make time for 80-100 hrs of live poker a year. That lack of practice is what prevents me from moving above $20/40 stakes; I'm up something like 100 bets in 150ish hours at 15 and 20 games. I need more technical ability and applied game theory to even dabble in 40/80.

Bobby's Room at Bellagio still has the big game; it varied from 1000/2000 to 4000/8000 while I was there last week. When I arrived Thursday, there were NINE tables going at Bellagio of $200/400 or bigger! It was weird to see folks I recognised from TV out on the main poker floor, playing with $25k+ in front of them. "Hey, cool, I can sweat Johnny Chan! He's playing $400/800 two tables away."
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