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No need to call me Mr. You are also someone within this forum whose posts I read and learn from.

Dan Negreanu has been up here a few times for various reasons and played at the local casino. He played blackjack and the smallest poker game there. At the BJ table I asked him what made a great poker player and he said "No fear." I also met him at the first Leafs and Knights game of the year in Vegas...he is a Knights fan and I had to say that they outplayed the Leafs that night. Years ago, I remember seeing Chip Reese, Brunson, Ivey and other pros playing in the back room at the was an interesting sight.

If you wish to pay less tuition at the tables, join CardsChat and the PokerStars school. Good advice and a place to test what you learn.
My goal now is to only play in the biggest games and qualify for live events. Good luck in your games ...except if you and I are at the same table;)

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