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Same number: 5748.1537: C170, e=3.296e-13

259999848 relations, 227826466 unique
reduce to 20670071 relation sets and 20242852 unique ideals
Cannot build matrix with td=120

269999845 relations, 235404460 unique
reduce to 19655970 relation sets and 19176009 unique ideals
weight of 9162209 cycles is about 1099605715 (120.02/cycle)

279999840 relations, 242893906 unique
reduce to 18973265 relation sets and 18437728 unique ideals
weight of 8841928 cycles is about 1061125245 (120.01/cycle)
ETA is 77h41m

Sadly nearly all the sieving for this number was done while the tool which produced every-ten-minutes statistics summaries wasn't running, so I can't measure the trade-off of real-time-spent-sieving against real-time-spent-in-linalg.
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