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Originally Posted by diep View Post
benchmarks only useful with all cores busy and then divide it by number of cores you run for total throughput.

At the oldie Xeon machines here it takes pretty long for 1 test, yet each box i can run 8 cores meanwhile total box consumption 170 watt. Built those machines a few years ago for total peanuts, like 200 euro each.

Chip inside L5420 has SSSE so not AVX.

All those new i7's, they have fast AVX, yet only 4 real cores. Where is the big progress in crunching there?

the L5420 or something i run here at 2.5Ghz, they were produced

So januari 2008.

If we calculate then derived truth from Moore's Law each 18 months doubling in speed, then now januari 2014 we should have a new chip available that's:

6 years == 72 months => 72 / 18 = 4 doublings => 2^4 = 16 times faster than the chips i got.

Only gpu's seem to speed up, though also goes slower now than a few years ago for progress there.
You didn't answer the thread question.
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