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Querido Yeisson:

Hay muchas, muchas discusiones anteriores en este foro sobre esa vieja conjetura.

Moreover, if you'd actually bothered to search the forum for the string "170141183460469231731687303715884105727", you might have discovered that there is a distributed computing project searching for explicit factors of the double-Mersenne number MM127. You are welcome to donate computer cycles to that effort, but of course it would be a waste, since you have proven this number is prime via the time-honored "wave arms and shout loudly" technique.

Note that the mere fact that no small factors are known for this number makes only slightly - perhaps 2x - more likely to be prime than any randomly-selected prime-exponent M(p) with p of similar size. 2 x [a very small number] is still [a very small number].

Your enthusiasm is laudable, but would be better if tempered with actual mathematics.
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