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Originally Posted by hbock
Is there any way to use the P-1 results (mxxxxxxx or lxxxxxxx files) of stage 1 generated by prime95, either for extended stage 1 work and/or maybe more interesting for stage 2 (faster and B2>4290000000) ?
I want to write a program that takes as input a Prime95 P-1 save file with stage one completed to limit B1, and as output writes a gmp-ecm format save file.

I think the only information needed is the number N being tested, the B1 bound, and the P-1 residue X at the end of stage one, which are all in the save file. The program just needs to read the save file, convert the numbers to standard hex/decimal format, and format the results for gmp-ecm to read.

Has anyone tried to do this already, or have any suggestions?
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