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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Added one core for a short while to check this out a bit. (In other news: I see that we're at ~168K already on k=1005! Wow! Though I guess that's somewhat to be expected considering how fast I was able to move on just one core back when I did k=1003 from 10K-500K on my own with mostly just one core...)

BTW, I noticed this in the first post of this thread:

Eh? I hadn't heard that we were doing this. This is kind of confusing. I mean, I don't see how manual files would cause any problems--in fact, considering as how we're doing this drive by k-range and all, I'd think that manual files would be quite easy to administrate.


We're at n=168K on k=1005 because David has 6 very fast cores on it.

Ian suggested that it would be a pain to "allow manual reservations" so I just ran with it. lol See his Jan. 5th post. Technically I'm somewhat indifferent but it would be nice to have a drive without posting files. The testing time loss for the older LLR version is minimal at such low n-ranges.

Can everyone please post their opinions on reserving manual files for this drive?

Gotta go now...back on in ~7 hours for a short bit.

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