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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
Checking for factors smooth below B1 has already been done by prime95. ECM is now checking for factors P where P-1 has only one factor larger than B1 and less than B2 (the rest being less than B1).

Note the preceding line says it's using about 9792MB to do it. Which I would not call "very little RAM".

I am sorry. Either I am not seeing well, or there is no ECM reference in the output sample. I have used GMP-ECM some but not for P-1.

Originally Posted by jocelynl1204
You can use maxmem to refrain the use of excessive ram. Ecm is going to do it in steps.
I have used this before. I never set it above one-half of my RAM capacity. Windows 10 starts acting a bit odd if I do.
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