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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman
May I ask:

With so many other established computational projects already available,
why do this one?
This one is as good as any other.

But i choose this one because i can't use that pc for anything else (except maybe ecm) and it's only available to me for a few days. PRP-ing takes only 15 minutes on my P4. The pc will be gone tomorrow morning and i didn't want to let it run idle.

For the last year or two, i spent most of my cpu time factoring for a few projects (including Paul's). Unfortunately, Cunningham numbers are a bit to hard for my limited resources. I might be able to do a < c140 with GNFS, but my P4 has only 256MB RAM. I have a laptop with 2GB, but that one is used for work, and part of that memory is often needed. Besides, i'm not sure GGNFS is upto the job yet. Sieving on multiple pc's requires to much book keeping for the time i've currentely got.

I'm open for any number you want to have factored, as long as it can be done in a reasonable amount of time.
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