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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
From what I can tell, it's based off of how many clients concurrently hit the server and that is regardless of the n-value size. It one person starts 100 cores all at once at n=40M, the server may still barf, even though the tests take 20 days or more. We just have to ask ourselves: What is an acceptable level of risk. If we keep risking these problems, especially on an increasingly higher percentage of our servers, our higher-resourced folks will find testing to do elsewhere.
Gary, I would prefer that you avoid the use of that term because it is too generic.

There is one issue with the 2.4.6 server that Max has a patch for and has implemented. I have not released 2.4.7 yet. There are definitely no barfing issues of any kind in 2.4.6.

I did not write PRPNet to be multi-threaded or to compete directly with BOINC. It was intended for smaller projects. I would argue that having hundreds of clients is really pushing the limit of what PRPNet was intended for.

The issue here is that since PRPNet is not multi-threaded that some clients need to wait to send/receive work from/to the server. The server should be able to handle up to about 10 clients connecting each minute. When you have a client connecting every 5 minutes to send/receive work and then add hundreds of clients doing the same thing every few minutes, that is problematic. By telling users to grab enough work to keep busy for a longer period of time more greatly reduces the load on the server.

I don't intend to multi-thread PRPNet until there is a database behind it. That requires a lot of work and considering that I am doing the development on my own in my limited free time, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.
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