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Default Weird freezing error, desperate for a solution.

I've had my new computer for a few months now, and it keeps getting this weird freezing error, but no other problems. Best Buy couldn't find anything, and stress-testing on RAM, cpu and gpu passes.

Lastly, when it freezes, when I do a hard restart it inevitably freezes a second time, during the bootup sequence, which is about 5-15 seconds because of the flash drive I bought. But the second hard restart "fixes" things.

I have a Radeon RX 480, that's the main reason I upgraded, and the cpu is AMD too. I can re-run and post the cpu-z.

Stressing the machine doesn't appear to change the likelyhood of the freeze happening.

Honestly, I think it's a Microsoft problem, something to do with the "Anniversary" update, but that's just a guess.
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